Side body moulding installation


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Where is there a diagram or something along the lines of placement and lengths of the side body moulding and the angle to cut it on etc? Thanks!! I have the roll of rubber


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Dennis Kirban

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directions shown is formus as we put them with the black stickon body side molding we found this molding years ago it is the closest to the original we have found....and trust me we seen alot.


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In on this. Never have seen anything close to factree except the factree stuff and mine fell off . Hope there is a repop coming.


Can you get the side mouldings in gray? And if so, any recommendations on where to get it - name of a vendor. I have only heard about black.
Thanks very much!!


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I'd say to get in contact with gbodyparts, he may know who was doing the repro.

I need a set but not in a rush but if I was I'd wait indefinitely.
There was a guy on the site here that stated Steel Rubber was willing to make a repo part of the original body side mouldings. Now it would be nice if the initiative would be followed through !!