"Shades of The Past" & "The Grand" Rod Runs

scot w.

There are a couple HUGE Rod Runs here every year and starting this weekend is the "Shades of the Past" Rod Run here in Pigeon FORGE,TN. It is the 10,11,12th and it's 14 miles long (7miles per side) and it's a complete BLAST!

The following weekend is "The Grand Rod Run" and it's the largest one of all. People come from all over the united states for this event. Again that 14 mile stretch is packed with hot rods cuising the streets, people lined all down the sidewalks, and Mardi Gras beads are slung everywhere making it a good time!! :biggrin:

During the "Grand Rod Run" is our Local anual Pro-Touring RTTH (Run Through The Hills) event. This event is open to all makes and model vehicles and FREE to spectate. This event is also a 3-Day event with the "Run though the Hills" portion kicking things off on Friday, It's a nice cruise though the hills of TN and then a stop off for dinner then back to the host hotel for conversations and photo's.

Then Saturday is our "Autocross" portion of the event which is held at the Smokey Stadium where we have approx 60 Pro-Touring cars go for the best time out of 4-5 runs. This year we are doing a Double-lap course and have a quest by the name of "Danny Popp" joining us for the first time. We are proud to have Danny attend this year and we look forward to his input on the course layout.

Sunday is our "Drag Race" & Speed / Stop Challenge" at my local 411 dragway. This event is always a blast as these cars go ALL OUT competeing against times. The Speed/Stop challenge is NEW this year and i'm glad to see it included into our line up of events.

ALL vehicles Must run the same tire on all 4 events and Must have a tread wear rating of 100. Awards and prizes are given out to the vehicle with the best time on each event and also a "King of the Hill" plaque given to the overall winner. BFG tires are given away, Parts are given away, posters, mugs, cups, lanyards, and all kinds of stuff is given away..

We will be testing our 1986 Buick T-Type on all events this year so we can get some "Base" numbers on the stock suspension. Then it's time to disassyemble the old and in with the new! ;)

PS: If your close to the area here this is a MUST SEE event!

Scot W.

scot w.

Looks like Danny Popp (RAFT RACING) will be dusting off the cobb webs of his old corvette for this event and also helping design the course!

Here is a post from him earlier... "I really look forward to helping with the event and working with ACR on the course design. I have been doing autocross course design and set up for a long, long time. Since I have always been a "big" car kind of guy, I know how to keep big cars happy on an autocross course and also make things very visible on course for the newer participants (and less possibility of hitting cones )

Since that event in May @ Putnam I also thought what a good venue for me to un-mothball the ole '72 LT-1 Corvette at. Been 6 years since I have driven the car on an autocross course, but look forward to going "old school" with all of you guys this weekend. I am sure it will be a hoot for all of us".

This is going to be a Fun event, Wish more TR's were actually competeing in events like this. I guess I will hold the fort down untill someone steps up...

Scot W.
I'm already here!!! been here in Piegon Forge since Sunday.... guys and gals it's nice down here!!!

Can't wait till Fri and Sat..... you all come down... Like Scot said you will be hooked.

At 8: pm this evening it was 72 degrees out and from the balcony of our hotel we watch some nice rides cruise by, everything from street rods, gassers, street machines to some really big trucks.

Can even hear now a blown prostreet ride crusin by.

Come on down!!

scot w.

Well the car count sure turned out to be good for the "Dragon" Run today! This photo was taken in the foothills parkway just before heading into the dragon.

Tomorrow is the Autocross part of the event...

Scot W.


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