RJC "rear engine brace."


Hello , Happy new Year! I have a question regarding the installation of Jason's engine brace. I've spoken to him a couple of times already. Maybe It's me,
but I just don't see how this brace fits number one : against the bell housing. And two: the lower section is right up against the brake line. I know all about having to bend back "floor pan" at the "seam" to install upper bolt. That's not the problem. It just seems like once I put the upper bolt in , then try to position brace to install the lower bolt, that's when things just do not line up. And the lower part of the brace where it's been beefed up [the lower corner] comes in direct contact with the "brake line ," going into the proportioning valve. I was told to "bend it" out of the way? I'm not going to do that and make more problems, " leaky brake lines." Has anyone else had these fitment/clearance problems? The reason I am doing this is not because of "hard launches." I do not race the car. The reason I am doing this is because the "intermediate steering shaft" is hitting the header! I've dinged the pipe to clear. And it still clips the pipe. At an intersection, waiting to turn left or right especially left. The steering wheel [binds up] under "normal acceleration." I've checked everything within the steering operation. I've bled the system, I've rebuilt bearing assembly where it goes through the "firewall." I've replaced the pump. I did not do anything with the steering gear. It is a clearance issue! that is why I need to install brace. Also the motor has been out for rebuild. I have new motor mounts. New tranny mounts. Also those Poly units that go at either end of cross member. What am I missing? What don't I see? Thanks...


You'll have to 'massage' it to get it to fit correctly. It's close to the brake line...and the angle isn't perfectly correct to where the snubber contacts the frame. When 'fitted' it works mint.

Chuck Leeper

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If the body mounts, engine mounts, are not in good condition, body in correct position on the frame, the steer shaft can get in contact.


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Brace is amazing once you have it messaged into place. I filed an edge of the brace with a round file where the brake line was close by to not have a corner edge close to rubbing or cutting into the line. Love this brace.


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It sounds like you're trying to use the brace as a bandaid? What about looking into what Chuck mentioned and get that stuff up to snuff first?

Do it right or dont do it at all for best results.


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What headers do you have? I guess I need to go out and look under my car. A picture is worth a thousand words. My RJC worked with no modification. I got it because I was running stock mounts and racing the car. Band for false KR.


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I had one for a while, then I saw it was rubbing on the brake line. Off it came. I have HR Parts Motor Mounts now.


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If your making big power get H&R mounts and also use the RJC brace . We have been told to use both. I guess there are cars out there that break the block where the mounts bolt on.


Good Afternoon. All is well! "engine brace" is in.


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