RIP George HW Bush

X Ray

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Jan 21, 2007
During his second campaign as president he had plans to visit ASC and Mr Practor the owner and a big contributor to his campaign. The building was secured by agents days before the event ( building exits checked man hole covers welded on some people were even asked not to show up for work that day) it was neat to watch the preparation .

So now the day of the event. I could see armed military snipers on the rough of buildings and secret service all around wearing those ear pieces……My boss came up to me and says do you want to go to see his speech after his visit to the plane…. YES….he told me to go home and change and I could go.

I raced home approximately 40 minutes away changed and went back and was seated at the front table closest to the presidents table that was in front roped off. Listened to his speech and afterword’s was able to shake his hand as he was leaving. It was one of the neatest thing to be involve in.

Anthony P

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Jan 24, 2007
Attended a flag raising ceremony this morning for a new 40' pole at a local body shop - scheduled weeks ago. An odd coincidence w/r/t the passing of President George HW Bush, but very powerful sight to witness the raising of the colors, the wind take control of both flags (POW MIA) in the presence of VFW members reciting dedication, local and state police, local firefighters, local and state politicians and town residents showing that there are still some of us who care.


Nick Micale

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May 26, 2001
Phoenix, AZ
I have always been suspicious of him as he was working for the CIA when Kennedy was shot in Dallas in 1963, and there is information that he was part of the plot?

No doubt that he, and other presidents, were supporting the "One World Order" which is now part of the "swamp" in DC trying to take this country down, and all this can be verified with a simple search.

I was a engineer working for the Navy Dept. with a secret clearance in 1963, and I could not stand the bureaucrats and their BS, so shortly after that I left and went to the desert!


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Dec 7, 2002
Got to meet him on AF1 when he was VP.
(I know not technically AF1 without the POTUS) And worked a security detail for him twice as POTUS.
My flag is already at half mast.
Rest in peace.
Now that is awesome RM.
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