PTC converter #'s


I'm taking guess but it probably means something along the lines of

PTC 10 (10" converter) - 700 (700r4) - 27LU (27 spline Lock up) s (probably indicates the stall)


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Per Dusty....

10 is the core of the converter. 700-27 is the designation for the turbo buick spline input shaft. LU is the lock-up, S is the 2800 stall.

Dusty Bradford

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Dusty can you help me with this one? PTC 9-5-700-27-17-6?-? I can't read the last couple of digits on the box. the second to last looks like a 6 but it is smeared. I ordered this 9.5 NLU in the summer. So what does the 17 mean and the 6 (I think) Thanks.

The 9.5's are a different animal. They aren't spec'd for a low rpm stall #. They are spec'd for a hp level and shift point taking the entire combo into consideration. You will begin seeing boost around 3000-3200 rpm