Post pics of your hot air set up( under the hood pics)

I'm stock but wont be by next year and im staying hot air, just want to see the different types of setups of your engine and engine bay
the 84 t-type i work on shakes like elvis in his blue suede shoes when wired like brads . If i switch up the wires to your configuration it smooths out to the point i can set a glass of water ontop of the intake when revving with very little movement at all , just like it should be
Well when I kick down on it, it bogs for a second.....thought there might be a leak in the headers somewhere but fires up quick and idles good,.....I only drove it twice for a test run...I want to finish restoring it before I show it off
I would deffinately try swapping the wires around and give them a closer look inside the boots also ,i had 2or 3 that were brown and nasty inside . do you have free flow exhaust on it? if not it wont like this either
No it's stock right now. Will be putting on a 3" eventually and for now been getting all the tuning stuff for it.....and as for the plug wires ill just put new ones on as well as spark plugs