Norwalk ?


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please make sure you contact Bill Wills the Race Director so he can make sure you have a class. 1-330-720-1005 or 1-330-747-1029


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He asked me when I called him about TSM and I told him to plan for THS and TSO, but someone still needs to contact him to confirm.

He told me that track prep will be a priority for the heads up classes.


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I have started getting some feedback from other TSO racers considering going to this race. We have lots of maybe's with everyone saying they want to be sure there are enough cars. Let's get a head count and I'll contact Bill to see what we can put together.
Currently, I think we have:
Brad T
Dave F
Tom R
Steve H
Justin H

With Gary H and Billy T as maybes. If they let the TSM guys run more than one class, we could get an 8 car field
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Unfortunately, I will only be able to make for one day. Are the race classes split to run on different days? Definitely want to see the TSO class. I have never witness, in person, a Turbo Buick run low 8s or high 7s pass.


Stupid question but is there a bracket class for us guys that are too slow to run heads up?

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