New Type Of Gauge Pod!!!!


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Hello all,
I’m looking to get a gauge pod made that is different from all others that I know of on the market. I will be emailing a place that may make these pods. I am looking for the number of people that would be interested in getting this type of pod.

The pod will be a lot alike to the first one seen on this site. I very much like that this pod replaces the entire A-Pillar. I don’t like the pods that just mount to the existing A-Pillar.

The only difference is that it is going to allow for a bigger opening on one of the holes (I think the bottom may work better). This larger hole is to put a real sized Tech. I’m looking to get one hole to be 2 5/8” and the other to be 3 ½”, but I’m open to suggestion. One of my friends works for a plastic company that is that maker of many of the pod for the distributors that are out there, tells me that a couple hundred sold is the break even point for a totally new pod. Therefore, I am looking for a count before I drop the email to the distributor.


P.S. Please see the "Group Purchases" area to leave me a count, thanks!!!