L67, 4L60e, Rambler Cross Country


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Aug 10, 2015
Here is what I'm working on: I have a 59 Rambler cross county that I am trying to modernize, and give a bit of performance. I have a 98 Buick PA Ultra(CAM'd, intercooler, yada yada yada). I think the motor from my Buick would be a good fit for the Rambler. I would need to change from my 4t65e HD to something like a 4l60e from a Firebird.

I don't know what all I would need to do for a PCM. My Buick PCM has the wrong transmission, and the Firebird would not have the supercharger stuff(I think the only thing is to make the boost bypass in some situations, but tables may be different...IDK)

I wouldn't want traction control, air bag, cluster, and likely a bunch of other things. I would like to have Cruise and A/C.

I know people put S/C 3800s in sand rails and other cars, so what does it take?

I've only used HPT for my buick; tuning and shutting off some codes.

How do I make this happen? Suggestions? Thinks to consider? Wiring?

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May 12, 2004
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That's a cool idea. I haven't seen a 59 rambler in a long time. There is some intelligent guys on this forum that can help you out. Why don't you try taking the wiring harness out of the buick along w/the pcm, I would think that it would work even w/the f/body trans. The murfinator was able to install the m-90 on his 3800 firebird. He would better know then I would.
Welcome again and post some pics if you are able.


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Mar 9, 2009
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I would suggest buying a dropout f body brivetrain thats blown up or something. You need the accessories, pan, trans, RWD wiring harness.

The problem I ran into mine is to compromise and run a FWD Boosted ECM on a RWD trans or a NA RWD ECM on boost. I chose the later since I already had the harness and ECM for RWD.

Honestly my build threads are probably the better documented for people that have done a RWD sawp.