Is value effected by a different drivetrain?


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Hi, new to the forum. I just wanted to know if you all think a a Grand National with a different drivetrain heavily affects its value?

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Yes. Negatively I believe.

IMO the thing that makes a Grand National a Grand National is the Turbo 6 & a 200-4R(to some extent).

You change the drivetrain you are now just driving a Buick Regal. Just my opinion.

If you’re planning a swap you’d be better just buying a regular regal & swapping. If it’s already swapped, price it accordingly.


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With that being said, Roller for Roller the Gn has far more value then the regular regal and can be converted back to the Lc2 platform to some degree weather it be a non-matching numbers lc2 or a 4.1 v6 turbo and retain %75 of its value, if its a top notch turbo LS swap its worth %40 of its value and any other sbc drivetrain its worth what it would be as a roller. imo


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Thank you all for the replies. What if it were still a GN drivetrain, just not the one the car came was built with?