How to clean up corroded coil pack terminals?

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Decided to change my plug wires today & after removing the wires from the coil pack terminals, I noticed that 4 out of the 6 terminals were rusty looking & so were the boots on the spark plug wires that came off those 4 terminals. I took a little sand paper & sanded them off. Also tested the coil pack & all the #'s were around 13.5. which I was told is good. Is sand papering them the proper way to clean them up & what can I do to prevent this from happening again?

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You should use some dielectric grease on all of the Ign. Contacts. It is a clear "grease" that is ideal for avoiding any buildup with spark delivery.

It can be found at you local parts house.


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Scotchbrite and some denatured alky. or Acetone or contact cleaner will work if they aren't too corroded.

Sandpaper (fine) or emery paper and more solvent if more corroded.

Dielectric grease is an excellent idea. :)


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I second the fine sandpaper and dielectric grease idea. I just bought a huge tube as I use it for almost everything electrical. Can't hurt. ;-)