Finally after 30 years of waiting!

Hello all. Bought an 87GN. Looking for the previous owner. Charles I Waller of Middletown, Ohio. Car was sold to Metcalf restoration and resold to Maple Motors here in Hendersonville, TN which is where I found her at. It has the paperwork and chip 5.7 from Turbotweaks (Eric) I would assume. So he may have been, or may still be an enthusiast that is on the forums. I would think that someone buying Eric's chips would still have TBs in his blood....
I am brand new to the forums but have researched mods and tweaks extensively on here as a guest.
If anyone personally knows Mr. Waller, I am looking to find out what the build is without having to pay a "real" guru to tell me after going through the entire engine and all.

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Welcome to the forum, you already know you're in the right place. Eric Marshall is a great guy and very helpful, if you PM him or give him a call with the numbers on the chip he can tell you quite a bit about the car because the chip is custom designed for the mods done to the car.
Welcome to the forum &
Welcome to the Darkside!!!!!!
Take and post pics, guys on here can find a needle in a haystack, with some pics, I swear, lol
Drive it like ya stole it, and have fun!!!!!