Continous refresh..

Chuck Leeper

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1. I have been getting a continuous refresh of the page I'm on.
I scroll down, start reading, and then, a few seconds later, the page refreshes and rolls to a different location.
Of the 6 or so sites I frequent, this is the only 1 I have this issue with.
What's going on?
2. I've asked repeatedly, as why I see only some of the emoticons.. No answer. I can mouse over the empty portions of the list, and the name is seen, but that's all.
What's going on?


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Usually when mine refreshes it take me back a few posts to the ones that I had already read.

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If you guys were reading that engine smokes debacle, the posts were coming through so fast that it was refreshing every 15 to 30 seconds because of postings added upon postings.

I think the frigging thread damn near broke the website!