Clevite "H" series main bearings?


Are there such a thing? I am going with the CB-1398H rod bearings for my 4.1 build and was wondering about a H series bearing for the mains instead of the MS-960P but cant find any info about them anywhere. Anyone know anything about this? TIA


P.S. there site doesnt allow you to view the catalog unless you have an account with them so didnt have any luck there


107 if the FM Performance Main bearing # That's what I have used the last few years. I don't know if Clevite still makes a performance main bearing for these engines. The Federal Performance rod bearing is 6-7120CH The Clevite 1398H rod bearing you mentioned use to have a large chamfer for billet and forged cranks but the last 2 sets I bought did not have the large chamfer :( had to machine them in the lathe.