best aftermarket ignition module?


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Had a problem with the GN Friday night when I was out. Car ran fine then started running rough and being unresponsive. Also wouldn't restart. Made it home and put it away. Went out yesterday afternoon and it fired right up. Ran perfect. Hit it with 27psi and then problems came again. Same deal. Tested the coil and it was fine. Checked the module and there are two hairline cracks in the epoxy. Swapped on a spare coilpack/module and it ran worse.

Anybody know the best one to get from the aftermarket? The Bailey setup isnt in the budget right now unfortunately.

Nick Micale

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AC Delco was always the only electrical component I would use when working on a GN, but since most of their stuff now comes out of China, I now buy USA made items such as the Standard brand.

I checked with my local parts supplier on coils and modules for a GN application. The regular Standard module and coil pack are built to OEM specs. They also have a premium line for a few dollars more which has a better warranty and the output specs are higher.

Not only has the USA parts shown to work better, but in some cases like crank sensors and brackets, they do not need to be modified to fit.

For example, I gave up on the AC receiver/dryer from Delco made in China, as all I tried leaked at the fitting and found it was machined different from stock?


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Thanks Nick. I can get the Standard brand and Antex brand here locally. Gonna go try and see what I can do with the car in a bit.


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I use the Autozone store brand part number DR143 it's $105.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty. I've been using it for over 10 years and not a problem with it so far.

The coil pack i use the O'Reilly part number BWD E45 it is $68.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty. I've been using this brand a few years and did have a problem with one and i took it back to the store and they replaced it without any questions.

I try to buy parts that i only have to pay once for,especially if the car is going to be around for a long time.