Anyone Running AC with their LS? Pics?


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I noticed that my mounts didn’t quite match the instruction pictures, just a little bit different in the bolt hole outside radii. I noticed that they weren’t on the right side that the pic showed. Hard to explain but I attached a pic so look close.
scouring the forums I found a guy that is a design engineer for Holley and this is what he said.
“As I was suspecting might be your problem, your brackets were mis-boxed; those brackets are for 1973-87 C10 trucks. We had that exact problem with a run of those brackets in the past, so that’s why I had you send me the photos to evaluate it. You’ll need to call the Holley tech service line to get them swapped out for a correct set, but they’ll gladly take care of it for you.”

So be super careful using these. I’ll return them and hopefully have better luck!