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Feb 15, 2018 at 7:27 PM
May 31, 2001
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Sep 25, 1968 (Age: 49)
Trumbull, CT
Chief Engineer at Atlantic Clam Farms

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Otto J

Well-Known Member, Male, 49, from Trumbull, CT

no status at the moment.. Jan 13, 2013

Otto J was last seen:
Feb 15, 2018 at 7:27 PM
    1. MAXSIX
      hi otto i would know if you still tune Buick . iget my motor back from Bobby and i am stock with my new distributor set up. Bobby move my balancer to 55 deg. i dont know what to do with that. could you help me?
      1. Otto J
        Otto J
        Sure do. Let me know when you are ready
        May 26, 2017
    2. Raviqv
      How do I get u to tune my Gn I live on Long Island . Car runs great but I think there's some more power hiding in it . Thanks Otto you came highly recommended by so many people. I've had my GN for 16 years and slowly done upgrades.
    3. Otto J
      Otto J
      no status at the moment..
    4. Otto J
      Otto J
      Put her on a trailer and come on down. we will upgrade it all and get it dynoed in.
      YOu need a few days off anyway. We can hit hte casino for a burger and slots to!
    5. Big Mike
      Big Mike
      Hey Otto. I have the XFI I bought back in 06 ? I cam with a disk version 1.10. Anyway new laptop and it has windows seven and I need a upgrade on the xfi. I haven't really driven the car too much since you put that tune in in BG. Had it out couple days ago and service like came on and fell on its ass . . pulled over cleared the code and parked it. I wanted to data lode it but my new lap top wont connect. I think i had to install a driver usb also but not sure. any updated for my older xfi for windows 7? I went on the webside ,I just didn't want to load the wrong one. ****,It's been a while and I think I forgot a lot of Buick stuff.

    6. strikeeagle

      Can you give me your opinion on what coinstitutes a good wastegate set-up? Presently I'm using the OEM y-fitting with (7/32"?) tubing of my own supply and an ATR bleeder valve. I haven't had an opportunity to try this yet. Thoughts? Thanks!
    7. Rich Gio
      Rich Gio
      Hi Otto,
      I'd like to bring my "mostly stock" GN up to CT to have you tune it and give it a once over sometime in the late July/early August time frame. It's flat at the top end IMHO. When is best for you? Can I get on your schedule?
    8. quadzila
      hey otto i need you to go shopping for parts needed, thanks

      dual fans
      Motor mounts
      Fast xfi
      Fuel pump upgrade
      Injectors 95's
      Throttle body 70mm
      maf pipe 4’’
    9. justin84
      Hey Otto, do you have a way I could get ahold of Bison? Or just let him know I am looking for him
    10. Otto J
      Otto J
      Bobby will spec out a special cam for us Bryan. It definetley cannot hurt to have hte head ported so If you say go i will get them shipped down to champion to be cnc'd.
      What stuff are you referring to?
    11. quadzila
      hey otto, if you think its a good idea to port those heads and will benefit me in the long run i will go for it. keep in mind mostly a street warrior that has capability of respectable track runs, when i get to the track hopefully a few times a year. Also what cam do you want to put in this? Can i use most of my stuff then up grade when i max it out?
    12. Otto J
      Otto J
      see ya then!
    13. quadzila
      hey otto, im taking the 1:00pm ferry see you at 3:45 or so
    14. quadzila
      hello otto, i have a bgc intake that came with the parts i bought, will this manifold be good for my build 10.50-11.00 or is it overkill....?
    15. turbogus
      otto what are the chances you could come to toronto and take back my can call me at 416 285 8155
    16. ACE87
      ?i have been told there 4.1 cast.ending 291 have as much deck mat. As a 109 true or false . Thank you bill
    17. Jerryl
      Thanks for your time Otto!
    18. 2swoosh
      Otto, u think you can make it this Sunday in Atco for test & tune? there's 2 of us who can shoulder the $$$$ my T and Damon's old car (XFI). Supposed to be sunny and in the 40s
    19. HOT ROD-GN
      HOT ROD-GN
      Jack would not be inthe house?
    20. GOT JCE
      GOT JCE
      CT Turbo Buick get together


      Oct 3rd at Pat's Auto care in East windsor CT at 1pm. All Turbo Buick powered cars are welcome as well as muscle and show cars. Cookout and refreshments along with giveaways and maybe a raffle of some sort. If we get a great turnout we will make this a yearly thing. If you are interested in possibly donating something (doesn't have to be buick related)please let me know. I will be donating something related to welding supplies and methanol. Mark from TRcustomparts will be offering something as always(thanks to a great guy and vendor)and Miguel is working on Jack Cotton for a giveaway item. Miguel of Pats Auto will be donating some sort of service(buffing/detail) pm me for questions,AJ
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    Sep 25, 1968 (Age: 49)
    Trumbull, CT
    Chief Engineer at Atlantic Clam Farms
    My car(s):
    87 GN 2016 GMC Sierra


    [​IMG]87 GN 9.84@138 3820# fully loaded street car off the footbrake
    No stroker,iron heads,no transbrake 2004R transmission.