AC not working on high

Ok my ac was working on every setting accept for on high. Soon after the ac didn't work on any setting. Then I jiggled the panel switches and it started working again(still no hi). Then stopped working all together. Compressor comes on but not ac thru any vent. WTH ??? Any suggestions?



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I believe there is a high speed relay that is bolted into the case by the blower motor under the hood, they tend to loose the hi speed only often. Should be easy to replace.


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With the switch on high, wiggle the wires under hood over by the blower motor. There is a plug that will loose connection tucked down between fender and hvac housing.
There was a bad wire that needed fixing and I needed a new relay. Got it fixed today and the A/C is pumping ice cold.... A necessity here in florida. Thanks for the replies and suggestions......They definitely helped figuring out the issue.