AC gas...using propane /alternate compressor

Living in the tropics and having a black car with no ac is not cool ( pun intended)
I have read many articles regarding converting from r12 to r134 and even using propane.
The propane alternative seems plausible and easy to do, at least to test the components.
Have anyone here have tried this?

Merc and turbobricksguys are very pleased with it.

On another matter, is there an alternative to the r4 unit?


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Straight propane runs at a much higher pressure. Not recommended. Usually a mix of isobutane and propane are used to provide the proper temperature versus pressure curve.

I like using ES-12a as it is a drop in R12 replacement, runs at the proper pressure, and cools just as good or better then R12 (and a lot better then R134).

As for a compressor, there is a variable displacement unit that can be used. IIRC the V5 compressor. What I don't know is if it will fit in place of the R4 on these cars.



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People use the air duster cans also. I converted my 1990 GT to 134. It had 112k and was all stock. The ac didn't work as it had only 5 psi. I bought the fittings, the oil charge that works with r12 and 134, added a new pressure switch with adj screw turned down 1/4 turn. Added the oil and 2.5 cans of 134 and over 1 yr and 40k miles and it blows 40-42 deg at hwy speeds and 55-60 deg at idle.
My plan is to remove the compressor, drain and flush the oil from it.
Add oil ( ester)
Replace the orifice with a Ford one
Flush lines
Drain oil from accumulator
Pull vaccum
Add some r134 gas from a kit

The propane deal sounds atractive but apparently is vey unstable.
That plus having a huge heat source near the lines can cause some trouble.
As far as adjustments...will follow the writeup.on for converting to r134..
Lets see


It's my Granny's car!
Every car I have done the full vac down on never works that good. My old stang I converted over had a new compressor, system flushed etc and never worked as good as mine now. My 75 280Z I just dropped in oil and 134 and it worked really good. AC shop wanted $500 to convert it.