2015 Buick Race Day and BPG to combine Event

As Bill Wills always says... PLEASE DON'T WATCH THE WEATHER REPORTS!!!
I live about 1:20 away, and one year it was 90% chance of rain & saw the huge green splotch all over the area & what should have covered the track for most of the day. I decided it would be a rainout & stayed home. Heard the next day that it never even sprinkled & they raced all day. I have also seen it rain while I was there (a different year) & had 2" river flowing thru the pits, only to see them dry the track & race 45 min after the rain stopped. We laughed when they announced it, but it happened. Unless it looks like a continuous blasts of rain all day (kinda rare) then they seem to find a way to race. And worst case we hang out at Buschurs for dyno time. Find some fun in there somewhere! Just my 2 cents worth :)
Hope to see everyone!
I drove down from Detroit, left my car at home because it's apart [emoji35] but what is there to do in the Saturday night rain down here?

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Had a great time meeting everyone yesterday at the car show and I even got an autograph from @X Ray! Does anyone have a list of the car show winners? Maybe @gbsean?
Damn, that sucks. I did get to see 2 nationals on my way in last night by Perkins tho! [emoji23][emoji23]

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I did get to pull the car down for a quick ride around town before it poured again last night smh....There was lot of people that came out suprisingly....


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Damn I didn't get in until about 7 last night so I didn't get to do anything but use the pool at motel 6 and eat Diana's deli (which was fantastic btw) lol. Just got back to Detroit about an hour ago.

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