200-4R Severe Direct Housing Wear

I’m in the process of rebuilding my 200-4R and found that the direct clutch housing has significant (est. 1/8”) wear where the sun shell engages it. This is the place for the 200-4R experts, any ideas what might be out of whack causing this. From the drivers seat the wear is on the right side of the reliefs where the sun shell engages. I’ll attempt to attach a pic or two. Thanks in advance!
That's normal wear and tare in these transmissions. Very common. You can have it welded and resurfaced or just replace it.
Really, I though 0.020 was normal, and this was excessive, I can see it’s definantly a wear point but this trans was rebuilt 1500 miles ago. If that drum was inspec then it shouldn’t have this kind of wear so soon, right? Maybe it was junk 1500 miles ago, I wouldn’t have known. I’m doing a full rebuild with a new drum and other parts too but wanted to validate if something else in the trans could lead to this excessive wear in such a short time. Like could too much band clearance cause this, or a pump pressure issue. I just wanted to solve what ever the issue is before I throw new parts at it and end up the same way in 1500 miles.


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It can be repaired by welding. Then the lugs can be re-shaped in a mill. Indicate off the bore to get the spindle centered. Then use basic trig to determine the x/y coordinates based of the circumference Having a digital readout helps a lot

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