1987 V8 GN's in Canada??


What gets me is you can't find anyone who knows how to look something up in a catalog anymore. In fact the Advance I used to work part time in no longer has a catalog rack up front. If it is not in the computer then you are S.O.L.

For the Star Wars fans ...


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Mike Licht

I was here first
their computer system is set up to find parts, if a guy come in with a regal and you tell them what engine it is they get the parts list, while it may ask if it is a vin7 in some areas. I have never seen a parts store computer ask if it was a "grand national" Most of the parts guys don't know much about these cars, most people in general don't. he is just assuming a few things based on what he reads on the screen


I remember that car 20 years ago in Greer, SC. I saw the airdams and looked under it to see no intercooler and a V8.

While I did live in Charleston about 10 years ago. I didn't have that car then, it was a rotted old NY car I owned later on. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who put ic air dams on. Was looking for a one piece and those kinda fell in my lap for cheap.

Did you ever go on FastGM.com it was a lowcountry GM forum started by a few friends of mine. Its pretty much dead now.