1987 Turn Signal Stalk. A good one.


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WTF? It's true to say that Donald Trump (love him or hate him) doesn't always appear to be lucid. Sometimes he says and does some stupid shit but really???


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If he were the only choice, vs the moron Biden...I'd vote for him!
My bet is, the guy can/does remember his name, what state he's in, and the difference between his wife and his sister. That puts him miles ahead of the idiot.
BTW, I just saw my first Biden yard sign. I've seen the guy and his wife, walking their little poodle...That alone, explains the sign.


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There's a Biden sign in a yard close to the machine shop in Hogansville.

I haven't seen the owners of the sign though. It is hard to imagine someone in there that thinks ''That Biden guy has some good ideas, he needs to be able to screw up my retirement and cause me to lose my house''.

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Guys this is a joint partnership between the Potus & Kanye, Kanye has step up to attract Gen Z and Millennials voters from Biden, not to leave out blacks & Latinos as well. Great strategy should have thought of maybe a couple of months ago, cause the deadline to get on ballot in some states has expired. Still after about a month Kanye will dropout of the race, an go on the campaign trail for Potus.


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Hopefully a Kanye run would siphon off enough votes from Biden to make it a Trump landslide. Though West HAS missed too many filing deadlines and important milestones in this campaign season to be taken seriously. The DNC will make damn sure of that.
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don’t know about such things, did he have his penis cut off , cog sack ?

I didn't know either so had to look it up. "He had sex realignment surgery" aka, he paid big bucks to have his prick cutoff. I guess you never miss what you never used. Can't even imagine what an artificial snapper looks like. Maybe they stick a hot water bottle in there filled with Astroglide. :ROFLMAO: