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    Life & Death of GN1987

    Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words. Here's a couple of pics of the new toy. -Jimmy
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    Life & Death of GN1987

    Thanks to all for your concerns and kind words. The TR experience has been really enjoyable thanks to this site, it's members, vendors and events. Rob; there were a few GN's and a TTA that almost made the cut but I was won over by a nice C5 `vert (pics soon). A few TR parts actually survived as...
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    Life & Death of GN1987

    Fire investigators traced the cause to faulty garage wiring by a previous "electrician". Full coverage insurance with $250 deductible. The adjuster was able to use my documentation from the day I bought it and many similar GN's online to arrive at a fair value. I can't stress enough how...
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    Life & Death of GN1987

    After 16 years it happened; I lost the GN in a fire. Wife's SUV, garage, spare parts & tools all toast also. No one was hurt and the insurance company (American Family) has been very helpful. Make sure you are covered, you never know... Thanks to all here for the help and support all these...
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    87GN 63k miles Quad Cities

    Email sent
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    Best size pipe to use for custom upper radiator hose

    No flared ends, just regular stainless hose clamps and no leaks or slippage.
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    Bind before shift TH350

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    Anyone into E-Cigs(Vaping)

    Let's face it kiddies, nicotine is highly addictive in any form. My biggest concern is; I don't know anyone (myself included) that has been able to kick the habit by vaping only. I believe it is much less harmful to the body than cigarette smoke and also less offensive or harmful to non-smokers...
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    Parts For Sale @ Norwalk BRD Sunday

    Radiator pics
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    2015 Buick Race Day and BPG to combine Event

    Rain date set for Saturday October 3rd, 2015. Tune up for BG!
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    2015 Buick Race Day and BPG to combine Event

    Try Hometown Buffet on Rt 250 across from the Harley Davidson dealer.
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    Turbo cores wanted at Norwalk

    PM sent.
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    Anyone into E-Cigs(Vaping)

    Itaste variable voltage batt and a Kanger pro tank works for me. Premium juice also. Great 6 !
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    Stock radio

    You need the plugs and pigtails if your dash harness is butchered. Search this site for sellers/vendors first, (Dennis Kirban usually has what you need). If not, try eBay ... HTH-Jimmy
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    2015 Norwalk thread

    I'll be there Sunday. Rain or shine, our cars still need parts. 8)