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    Trans TV cable

    NOS or like new condition for 87 GN for Brett Wallace, email me -
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    Big wheelie in left lane at BG

    That was me in the GN. When I saw nothing but the underside of his GS , there was doubt, I needed to keep my foot in it. I saw the GS in the air next to me and the best for me was to give him lots of room to land. A run that I will never forget! Thanks for the kind words.
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    Bowling Green or Bust

    That car is sooo BAD! It adds to the Buick name in performance!
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    Nice cover of September GM HTP

    One of the nicest guys that have known over the many years in BG with a great car! I was very proud to see this cover when walking up my driveway tonight. David you represent us well! See you on BG.
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    250ci Stroker Motor

    Still available
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    250ci Stroker Motor

    I am selling my Lonnie Dyers built 250ci stroker motor. I am putting my TTA back to stock as I am deeply involved with the LS1 motors now. The motor is disassembled for inspection and is flawless. I ran Calico coated bearings. This motor on 17lbs it went 10.67 at 131mph in my TTA with TTA...
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    Future of NASCAR

    I agree with everything said so far, I hope they make some changes. They need to turn back the clock. Dale Sr. was the Larry Bird of NASCAR, when he was gone it changed the sport.
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    Future of NASCAR

    What would it take to bring NASCAR around to the fans. They know they need the fans. Can they make things happen to keep and win over new ones? What do you think?
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    Bruce Toelle SR. has open heart surgery. 12/28/11

    That is great, you gave a little something being his son. I hope you both have a better year and enjoy each other in wellness.
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    Southern Boosted Showdown November 9th-10th Reynolds GA

    Cal, Glad to see that there will be an Open Test -N- Tune both days. I have a choice have fun with my GN or my Pontiac Tempest. My son's both have LS1 Ram Air Trans Ams for testing. My son Rob might even get his '89 Turbo TA running. We have always supported the Reynolds event since the...
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    Underhood harness cleanup

    I would be interested in a kit.
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    Support bobbybuick to win against trash talkin truck

    Hi Bobby, I put that vote in the box. You know why I am Bobtempest. You and I have a common bond with our Pontiacs and TR. It is hard to think of how long we have owned our Pontiacs. You did a great job on that GP. See you in BG.
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    Nascar 2010

    I agree with you, looks like they knew that had to loosen up on the drivers......ratings. I too have never felt the same after Dale's death. It ended an era. Toyota and NASCAR sucks too. I do think NASCAR has removed it's head from the clouds and has made some decent corrections this year. Time...
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    Nascar 2010

    What does eveyone think about the changes that has been made in NASCAR this season so far? The cars, drivers rules ect. Do you think NASCAR could see the ship taking on water?