Wheres the fuel pump test lead located and how do i use it ?

I lost fuel prime have ecm, cam, crank signals. I have caspers pump hot wire. What's weird is that car ran fine parked it and the only thing I did was dry fit a.c. compressor. Pump won't prime, and won't build pressure at rail while cranking

Anthony P

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Black connector----connect 12VDC + from back of alternator using alligator clip jumper wire.

(Green connector is GM diagnostic tool connection for tach input) Disregard the extra brake line. just checking out how correctly Classic tube fab'd these stainless brake, fuel and trans lines for when the body comes off...

Anthony P

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didn't realize what forum I was in...just responding to new posts...obviously my '87 pic is no good for you...

BUT, there should be similar black and green connectors pulled out of the loom. the single wire conductors are also taped to the loom as well, so it seems that there is no pigtail. but there is about 3 inches if you unwrap some of the tape.