Weld draglite question


Jack's Smirking Revenge
I know this may sound stupid, but can you take a 4.5" BS wheel and turn it around to use on a buick safely? I am looking to purchace a pair of DL's cheap, and have them powdercoated, so I am not worried about the condition/looks of the inside of the wheels.

Only issue I can think of off hand, is the valve stem will be on the inside of the rim, so it will be harder to get too, but not impossible....


Wow Dan,
Not to sound like a smart ass, but please put whatever you got in a zip lock bag, seal it good w/ duct tape too, and tripple box it to send to me. Thats gotta be some nasty **** man. :p
Seriously bro, no, the backside is milled flat to fit against the rotors or drums. It wont work safely.