was offered a trade for a turbo buick


needs a GN
def not easy for me- was my first car(well, partial- paid half), and have had it or 8 years. As much as i love the subtlety of the GN, the 'Im here, the party may start' part of the chevelle is sweet.

If only i could find an LC2 swapped classic for sale- best of both!

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I sold two very nice older Chevy's and kept my GN over the past several years. Really don't regret it. I could do alot more with my GN than I could with my 60's Chevys. My GN is crazy fast, more comfortable and I can enjoy it more especially with alky instead of race gas. When your in a old car your options are limited, unless you got endless money to upgrade it. Then it's nothing better.
it's a tradeoff of what you want... I'd like to bail on my g-body to get an older "muscle car", but having all the power options and T-tops is pretty sweet. My car works for me b/c I typically drive it everywhere. Obviously not turbo regal fast or as bolt on friendly, but it's fun.

It's not easy finding a clean '66 Chevelle these days either. It doesn't matter if they aren't the fastest things around... a wicked cammed big block 4-speed muscle car puts a grin on my face every time I hit the key.


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def not easy for me- was my first car(well, partial- paid half), and have had it or 8 years.

There's even more reason not to do it. Trust me, I love my Buick and it would be hard to part with it. I've had it since '91 but if I had to do it all over again I'd probably go a different route. Once you're in as deep financially as some as us are in these cars you can't back out. If someone was to come up to me with a big enough wad of cash it would go. That's when I'd start looking for a Cobra kit project.


yeah this is a tough call and has to be a personal decision. my dad has a '69 chevelle ragtop that he wouldn't trade for a lambo. its got a stout small block (383 stroker, ~415 fwhp) and a tremec 5spd. its no slouch, but my buick will take it 10 out of ten times :cool: The speed isn't as important to him. he's turned every bolt on that car at some point, and the looks and comments he gets from it he absolutely loves. so its up to you, if you just flat wanna go fast, get the buick! if you like the 3rd pedal and BBC feel more than the streetable speed, keep the cheby. just gotta weigh your priorities.


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Fwiw my dad and I have been into cars since I started driving, and we've bought/sold/traded quite a few...well he had a cherry 71 Camaro Z/28 with a built SBC around 500hp...and let me tell you I loved that car. Begged him to let me drive it (I was in HS at the time) and he kept telling me it was too much car, yada yada...well he finally cracked and finally let me borrow it for a couple weeks cause he needed my truck.

I thought I was in heaven...until about the third day. Weekend cruising it was great, but so useless day to day, just a headache for too many reasons. I couldn't wait to give it back! My GN on the other hand, I drive everywhere and I love it. People who "know" will give you attention and a little ego boost, but most people don't notice. Comfortable, drivable, and would have smoked the Camaro honestly. My GN feels like everything I want in one car. My instant favorite. Plus you'll get to be on this forum! best owners forum on the net IMO. Just my $0.02

If I was the OP I'd be even more confused now than when I started the thread. No clear winner here for sure.


needs a GN
If I was the OP I'd be even more confused now than when I started the thread.

so true, which makes this hard! Ive been getting mixed reviews everywhere- even the hotrod forum.

and i hang around anyway- nice to be on a site where a 3.8 isnt hated on(just the car its in, in my case!). plus im still waiting for Ravens return...


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Since you say your Chevelle is just another SS clone, I'd say the trade for a GN would be worth it. Especially if the GN is clean and runs well w/o any major issues.