UFC 184 Result for the main event


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My wife rented while I had to work. I laughed when she sent me a text saying here's the video. So I knew it was short.


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Thats why i don't do pay per view. If you decide to go to the kitchen and get a last minute drink/snack or use the bathroom when you get back the fight is over. LOL


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I paid for the ppv and recorded it on the DVR. I watched it a few times and she actually tapped at the 12 second mark by the on screen clock. Pathetic! The sad part it I watched the fight three times in less than a minute!


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No to sound like an @$$ but, this card was not worthy of my $59, I've actually been purchasing more cards lately but this one I thought turned out bad, especially with all the fights that's were dropped due to injury.