Tuning question


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I don’t own a turbo Buick but currently in the market. I had an 87 GN about 10 years ago and at the time used a turbo tweak chip. This time around I plan on going aftermarket ecm. I had a few cars after the GN, one being a GTR. Surprisingly really easy to get tuned from what I experienced. I would send a data log to the tuner and he email me back a tune, then we repeat until we got it right. They also did tweaks to the tunes for free. Only charged again if you added new major mods. Anyways my question is how is the tuning with the aftermarket ecm? Is it a similar process to what I explained on the GTR or is it more learn how to tune yourself or fly a tuner out to you? I live pretty far from any Buick gurus so just looking at what I may be getting into. Any advice or personal experience would be most appreciated. Thanks


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It can be done live through any desk or several emails back and forth from logs. Live is best for accel enrichment. WOT and cold start is best from logs. Mos ecus are self learning so it does help a bit.