Torque converter value?


May 25, 2001
Del City,Okla.
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I have several converters collecting dust and need some help with direction on what to do with them. One with the least information is what i would like to ID first. I know no one can tell a stall speed range unless you can go back to the builder, or put it in a car and test it.
The case is only marked with PPP 2142 , the largest outside dimension is 11" , but the case is only 3.4" "thick". The hub and pilot are PG,th350,400 as i can tell.
I know this is a performance converter and has value but cannot tell anyone any spec other than physical dimensions. When is a converter a good candidate for someone to use or have re stalled? Or when is a not worth the freight or cost of opening up?

Thanks N2BUICK


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