To the folks in the path of Florence


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Mar 1, 2005
Gvegas NC
Ok, the please move the thread thing is old. Pronto was right in each one I saw he asked to be moved. That is the reason for the political section.

I was in the crosshairs of the storm. We were spared thank God. One of my dear friends 45 min away has lost everything. Water is still rising in many places. This is going to go down as a record storm in many ways. South of me is a war zone. A section of i95 is GONE!


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Jul 27, 2012
Hey Chuck I was gonna head your way ( I'm in Wilson NC) and then Wednesday morning it turned and looked like it was going to head towards GA so I stayed put. Lots of rain and some wind, but have had power the whole time so really can't complain except for sitting here 5 days watching it rain. TV has been on the hurricane channel non stop, don't think it's been on this long the whole time I've owned it!
On a good note, RC's Garage wasn't done with Rosie so I didn't have to worry about where to stash her.
Pray everyone makes it out ok, I know some already haven't.
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