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hello people; I know everyone seems to have one but do you really use it as a tool? I just look at my MPH, revs, coolant temp. and that's about it. How do yous use your tool and what changes to your TB did you make to change what the tool said.
Another thing with my sunglasses on and my headlights on I can't read it at all during the day.


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Good for changing the he settings on a turnotweak chip(fuel and timing) , also keeps tabs on o2 readings to see what you need to do to the fueling. Also shows the timing being retarded by the computer to alert the driver/tuner of detonation issues. Gives readings to make sure the maf is working properly.
I think it is an indespencable piece of equipment for the turbo Buick owner. Next up would be the powerlogger. Or the scanmaster g.


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hello people; I've never really tested the max. limits to my 86T. My boost is what the TT chip is and that's good for me.... Knock is the death of our cars and the scanmaster does not show that. I can't do much with adjustments on things with my set up and I don't race. Can my car run better? I'd say yes but for now it's as is.


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The scanmaster shows knock retard, which is telling the operator too much of the boost and/or timing and back out of the throttle like ten sec ago. You can sneak up on the retard by increasing timing a degree at a time and watching the o2. Same with boost. Just a pound at a time and watch the o2 to see if you need to add fuel and where you need to add it.


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The Scanmasters show knock retard on the default screen, and is what everyone tunes with. You can use it to sneak up on the tune just like the other variables, and is how we all tune.

The data rate that the scanmaster can display is dependent on the setup, the standard datastream is 1 frame every 1.5 seconds, which is dead slow, but still 1000% better than no data at all. Optional datastreams (set up in the chip) can update knock retard every .5 second which is a bunch better. Feeding the Scanmaster from a PowerLogger increases that to 5x per second.



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I was against getting one at first until I started reading on here , I just didn't want the damn thing mounted on my dash or anything like that so I made a portable one that I take on rides so I can see what is going on its sits in my lap or on the console then when done unplug it , and still maintain my stock look , I put a lot of trust in my sensors LOL , but if she's running good she's running good I am at mostly stock levels , so its not such a big deal to see boost and FP even though I would like to at some point just don't want to junk up the car when its not a race car , and just mostly a garage queen , I have have looked into some classic SW boost and oil pressure gauges , I could handle them down low in console cubby , I am glad to have my scan master, they make a shade viser for them and Eric has new blue led ones that might be better in daylight for ya


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My car would have blown up a long, long time ago without my Scanmaster/Powerlogger and Wideband 02 gauge combo to tune by.


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Mine came in handy just a couple of weeks ago. SES light came on and the car was running kinda crappy. A quick check for codes and sure enough a code 22, TPS! Just another benefit of the Scanmaster!

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For the money and piece of mind its the best $$$$$$ you spend on our cars , What hasn't been mentioned , or I missed , is you can set your TPS , Check the IAC and will give you malfunction codes . Better to spend a little now than a whole lot later . Just my 2cents