Re-using spoiler clips

I picked up a used wrap around spoiler on Ebay awhile back and it still has the white plastic clips in the spoiler. Is there any way to salvage these to reuse them? They are discontinued from GM and impossible to find. Does anyone know of a substitute that can be used? I know everyone is going to fiberglass spoilers that do not require these but I am reusing an original that is in good shape. Plus it only cost me 1/3 of a fiberglass spoiler. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.


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Spoiler clips

..hey Hardway... you should find the clips at any GM Dealer who will order them for you... by looking up GM part # 20556524...still showing as an active # from what i can see.. and still in stock (downunder at least).
You rock Ozpont! I had called the dealer before and they told me they had been discontinued a long time ago. When I gave him the part number he found them at the warehouse in MI so I have 8 on the way. Thanks again!