Racetronix 510LPH - Hobb Switch Connection

Finished installing both the racetronix 510LPH double pumper along provided wiring harness from the back to front of my TR....with the exception of connecting the Hobbs interface Harness 72" connector at the end of the 15lb hobb switch.

Where does this connection plug into on the wiring harness?


Mike Licht

I was here first
there is some connectors on the harness in the engine compartment 2 of them are marked control and have a loop of wire on them., PLug it into one of those it does not matter which one, call me if you need more help
Hi Mike

Thanks...I do see three connectors..two with loops and one with no loop.

Wasn't sure if i needed to use the "extra two pin extender" that came in a seperate plastic bag with miscellaneous items.

Not that you needed, and not your first rodeo...I did attach the three connectors for a visual.