Quick question about priming before starting


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Ok, we all know that when our Buicks sit in the garage for a while, that we should pull the ecm wire, fire it up for a bit to get the oil moving then reconnect the ecm and start it. I remember reading a study on engine wear analysis (by bmw maybe) that was going over the wear caused from start ups only, and got to wondering last night. How come all cars don't have a little feature that delays the firing of the plugs for a few seconds before start up? You know, something where we turn the key & hold it and the engine cranks for like say 4 seconds before firing? If a lot of our engine wear comes from starting it after a while, wouldn't this feature cut down on a boatload of additional wear?
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When I bought my grand national it had an oil accumulater with a solenoid wired in to the ignition that would hold oil under pressure and release when you turned the key to the on position. Looking back it probably was not a bad set up but it is a potential catastrophe if it failed.


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We all know you're 'supposed to do that'.....

....but I NEVER do.

I don't care how long my car sits, the oil in the bearings doesn't evaporate. With the amount of load of cranking and idle there's no need for a million pounds of oil pressure at start up.

Not to mention when you pull the orange wire it resets the ECM. If your tune requires adding fuel and/or pulling timing, it might do more harm than good.