Possible fast xfi issue?

Chuck Leeper

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Post the tune file.
Or, ask Cal if he can do a "log me in", and see what's really going on.
Unless you changed the tune, it didn't magically change on it's own.
Did you mess with the fuel system wiring?
Guys, it is alive! It appears that my MAP sensor was indeed kaput! I threw on my spare and the car didn’t even think about it.... it fired right up and is running great!!! Thanks to all that helped with their ideas and thoughts!

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Yes, Bison had a video that showed the how the stockers can leak. Curious if it was a ss one.


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This issue appears ro be more electrical than mechanical

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It is the 3 bar that came with the alky kit. I replaced it with the one that came with my xfi. It is the block style.

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Also, can anyone say how reliable the temp reading is on the log for the xfi? Just curious because I have an auto meter gauge that reads higher than the xfi

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Press f9 while its key on and running. All the infor will be there on map volts