Parts for sale/garage cleanout


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Tired of looking at this stuff in the garage plus I could use the cash to do other stuff to my GN.

Item #1. Full Throttle Speed 1.375" solid rear swaybar. Copy of the old ATR bar that was so popular. I went 1.57 60' on this bar. Bought it new maybe two seasons ago. Upgraded to a H&R bar so its gotta go. Tired of tripping over it in the garage. I'd like to see $125 for it with the hardware but cash talks.

Item #2. Rebuilt Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Rebuild it with parts from them. Tested on my GN and it works perfectly. Used my last GM o-ring and I'll include a new GM return fuel line o-ring as well. GM/ACDelco part #19258137. I can do $70 but again, cash talks.

Item #3. Stock 28 spline axles out of my GN. Took these out when I went to the 30 spline Eaton/Moser setup. Probably 110K on these, but as far as I know; they're not twisted or anything. I pulled them out and put them in the box. Taking up space in my basement. $50 takes them.

Item #4. Hotchkiss Sport Suspension tie rod sleeves. Bought these for my GN but decided to go another direction. Brand new in the packaging.

$50 takes them.




Livin' Like A Refugee
Ok guys, ill get pictures later today when i get home.

EDIT: here are the pics.





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hey i'm new to this form do you still have the 28 spline axles i'm willing to give you a hundred if there still good