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Hello all,

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I've just started my search for an '87 GN up in Ontario Canada and have been doing a significant amount of research to inform my efforts.
Recently, I saw a very nice '87 GN, but I had a couple of questions regarding the car's provenance that I wanted to run by this community.

1. Vehicle VIN and block VIN
Upon inspection, I noticed that the VIN on the dashpad and the VIN on the block are not exactly the same, but very close.
In this case I know the original owner and he advises that the engine has not been removed, but it's rather odd; see pic.
Is it possible this is an assembly line error, or has the engine been replaced?

2. RPO label and body tag
I'm also wondering if the body number from the body tag (front cowl) should match to a number on the trunk lid
RPO sticker (again see image)?

Also, if there are any members on the board with an '87 GN t-top for sale in Canada, I'd be interested in hearing from you!

Thank you for any advice.



I’m no professional. But I would say the only thing you need to worry about is that 7 in the vin number that says it’s a turbo v6 or an lc2 engine. The number plate also says it’s a grand national by the 4GJ47. But I’m nooo professional

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If I remember correctly its the sequence # (last 6 of the vin) If the blocks deck was milled it will not be there! OR if its a factory shortblock replacment.The VIN is on the driver side of the block,it's actually in back near the bell housing area. The VIN is on the transmission case along the pan rail.
cowl tag is for interior, paint and options, body etc. nothing to do with VIN
VIN number should match RPO. sticker on truck lid , sometimes a trunk lid will be replaced with one from another car
there are also two door jamb stickers on drivers side and there is a build/data sheet usually taped behind door panel drivers side and one under rear seat