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Just wondering what all is needed for a conversion. I already have 83# injectors, MaxEffort ME-R system, billet regulator, Racetronix pump. System is already a bit rich as is but leaned out in cruise mode to get 25mpg on the highway.


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You're getting 25mpg!? I've got the 80# injectors and planning a 416 pump and the lines from FullThrottle. That'll keep me from turning it up too far on E85 until I get a double pumper & mod the ecm for low imp injectors


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Figure a little less than 25 MPG on e-85 !!! This may not excite you until you pay at the pump then hit the pedal.............:sorry: Can't have both!

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Get rid of rubber fuel lines if you haven't already done so. Ask me how I know!