Need some help finding a member....

So im looking for a nice man, who lived right out side of Cincinnati ohio in I think Batavia, Oh.

He is an 84 enthusuast and has a built e85 lc2 in his 84 GN with t tops. i think it made like 800 wheel or close to it.

he mightve worked for LKQ i think, his basement looked like you just walked into LKQ.

he sold me quite a few parts for my 1984 and i need to find him to give him more money for more parts. (fingers crossed)

I used to have his name and number in my phone but i went through it and all cincinnati phone numbers are accounted for.

i think hes friends with extreme automatics because he sent me there to have my tranny built and they definitely knew who he was. no discount though : (

brewed beer too i remember him saying

Sound like somebody you know? Id love for you to pass along the word that im looking to recconect about 84 parts!


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Think his name was Toby.... Sold Goodmark parts as well. Or affiliated with them. I recall he had nice 84 that was restored.