Motorgen GMR Cruise February 20th!


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The next cruise will be on February 20th and based on feedback from our last event I'm changing some things around. I'm moving the meeting point closer to the actual run (to keep everyone together better) and I'm also making the run shorter. This one is only about 43 miles so it won't be such a long day. Thanks again to everyone for showing up in January though - it was amazing to see 70-80 awesome cars of all different makes and models all cruising together!

The meet point for this cruise will be at a Kohl's in Upland with a very large parking lot. The address for Kohl's is:

1923 N Campus Ave
Upland, CA 91784

This puts us only about 5 miles or so from the beginning of the run. As I mentioned above, the total distance for the entire cruise is 43.3 miles. It should last about an hour and a half total. Once we finish the run the meeting point will be at a restaurant called La Tolteca (EXCELLENT Mexican food with a large parking lot and plenty of room for all of us inside unlike the last time at SuperMex). The restaurant is less than 5 miles from the end of the run, so again it should be a lot easier to keep together. The address for La Tolteca is:

429 N Azusa Ave
Azusa, CA 91702

I am going to shoot for a meet time at the Kohl's in Upland at 2:45p.m. We will leave the lot at 3:30p.m. I checked and the sun is due to set at 5:40p.m. on the 20th so we should have plenty of time to get off the mountain before it gets dark. With any luck, we should arrive for dinner between 5 and 5:30p.m.

Here is the route we are taking.
I have gone through and cleaned it up by hand (don't trust google maps completely) and it should be simple. I will have directions for everyone at the Kohl's and will hand them out before we leave. The drive is a lot of fun and the views are pretty incredible.

For anyone that wants to meet down in Orange County and caravan to Upland, I'm going to post up a time and location shortly.

If we have as many cars as last time, we'll probably try to break up into groups of 20-25 cars (we could break everyone up into groups of "fast," "normal," and "just out to enjoy the view" speeds).

For anyone that was at the last cruise, here is the video and sets of pictures here, here, and here.

Original thread is here. See everyone on the 20th!


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Superbowl Bump! I love the Saints, but my official prediction is that the Colts win tomorrow. I'm also keeping a close eye on weather. My friend and I are going to run the route next weekend to make sure we're okay. See you all on the 20th.

Also, for anyone that wants to go on another PCH run my buddy is throwing a non model specific (just like ours) run on March 7th. Info for that is here if anyone is interested.

Finally, for all you local boys feel free to register on the board and post up other stuff going on. I'm always looking for other events to go to. I also love reading people's build ups, so feel free to post those as well :)


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So my wife and I ran it today and it was great. The time of day is perfect. We ran at the exact time we would be going through and had plenty of light. Traffic was light and I didn't see a single cop all day (we actually ran two routes as well).

The first section, Glendora Ridge Road (12 miles) had some water on it but was mostly nice. It is unmarked (all one lane basically) so I was basically keeping it right around 25 mph. It was still nice and curvy though and the scenery is beautiful.

Now, the second section is where we'll have to make a decision. I went both ways with this today. The original route has us taking a right at Glendora Moutain Road to the east loop and onto San Gabriel Canyon road. Going this way is longer, but the road is more mellow. Nice scenery though and it's a direct shot down to La Tolteca.

The alternative is to turn left and take Glendora Mountain Road all the way down. It's shorter, but I actually liked the drive better. The other downside besides being shorter is that it makes it a slightly longer drive to the restaurant. Nothing major, but it is longer.

When my wife and I got to La Tolteca I counted about 40 open spaces. We rolled in right around 5. Their was plenty of seating inside and I'm guessing next Saturday would be less busy (I figure some people were out for Valentine's Day tonight). The food was incredible as always :)

I've checked the weather for next week and it looks clear. If it was anything like today, it was just about perfect. So we're definitely on, but which route does everyone prefer?

All opinions welcome


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Bump! It looks like a small chance of rain in the morning, but I think we'll be fine. I'll be there rain or shine though - it's worth it just for La Tolteca :)


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Video isn't up quite yet, but here and here are the 1st set of pictures. Not sure how many cars we had total, but it was around 70 at the meet we think, and 40-50 on the run. Plenty of more media to come.