Little Cosmetic Repairs

I have a couple things I want to take care of and could use some input.
The first is the trim piece that fits over the seatbelt buckle. I have the piece but it looks like maybe a little clip is broken off the back. I may try to glue it back on but I'm guessing it won't stay. Does a replacement piece just snap on if I can find one or does the belt have to be replaced to fix it properly?

The second is the little thingy that covers the key hole. The outer cover popped off and it looks like there should be a little piece or two inside that are now gone. It isn't obvious how this is supposed to stay on. Do I just need to look for a donor? Can you get just the outer pieces or is it all part of the lock assembly?
Thanks for any info.


Steve V

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I would look for another seat belt, my T did the same thing it will snap back on, but always comes off. You need a new door lock or get that one rebuilt if there's a kit available.
You are right. HWS has them for 89 per side. Kirbans has a set of both doors and the trunk for 30 total and says they are made by same co that made them for GM. Chinese still somehow I expect.

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