Late OD shift


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Last year I bought a street/strip trans from one of the communities reputable trans guys. After installing with a 3k stall vig, it was night and day from my worn stock trans. The only issue was a late OD shift during normal driving, in the realm of 55 mph and I have to fully let off the gas to get it to shift. All other aspects of the trans are great, quick firm shifts, LU works as advertised, etc. Well after probably only putting 500 miles on it in the past 15 months, the trans now won't shift to OD until 60-65, again having to let completely off the gas. I set the TV as per gnttype, and all the other shift points seem right where they should be, so I do not believe adjusting a notch or so is the answer. Also, the WOT shifts are right on, including OD.

I know very little about the inner workings of the trans, but am willing to fix the thing myself if it is something simple that can be done.

All attempts to contact the builder have fallen short, so I am forced to bring it here.


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although it is not our transmission you can call in for additional advice.our tech line answers qs between 4 and 5 m to f est