Kenne Bell Ram Air Dam, Norwalk Delivery

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Let me start off by saying this piece is rough and very dusty/dirty. I wiped it off just enough to show any damage. This is a Kenne Bell 1 piece ram air dam with dual scoops. It includes the flexible ducting. The inner part of the scoop has been notched, I'm guessing it was to clear intercooler pipes. There is damage to the front center that was repaired rather poorly at some time, as well as a crack in the corner that has not been fixed. I had hoped to fix this and use it on my own car, but realized that I'll never get around to it. I hate to just throw it out. Hopefully someone else can use it? I am planning on going to Norwalk Sunday if weather permits and can bring it along.

Is it worth $40 delivered to anybody?



THS Racer
I will take it if the 1st in line guy doesnt. I can have my friends bring it back with them sunday, they will be there.


ok I found a buddy who is going to Norwalk, so he can pick it up, how you want to do payment, paypal or in person? PM me with details.


Loves The Buicks
Wow, judging from the responses I got, it looks like I priced this way too low! I guess turbot3.8 was the first to respond. I'll PM details. thanks.