Installing the Remote Keyless Entry


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Wow, I have nothing but excellent results! That wierd that some are having issues. I hope you can get it worked out!

87 Eddie

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I installed mine couple weeks ago with no issues either.

ktbregal, did you remove the screw on the relay for better access? If you don't put the screw with bracket back on, the locks will not work. If the locks are working fine without the module and everything is wired properly, it could be an issue with the module.


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I figured it out. I have to reconnect the tan wire going to the driver side lock actuator. The article said to cut it but I had to leave it hooked up.
I installed this today. Does anyone else have to hit the unlock button twice for it to actually unlock? I hit it once and can here the module "click" but it does not unlock the doors. I hit unlock again and it unlocks both doors.


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I am working on it this week but the first part of the directions where it says you can test so far the trunk actuator. Yea it doesn't work lol.
I wanted to see if anyone remembered any issues since this is an older thread