How fast can I run with the stock MAF, throttle body & plenum?


Hi guys, I have a 86GN with a stock block & crank. Eagle rods, JE pistons & a Comp cam. (duration @.050 212 lobe sep 110. It has stock heads,( non ported) intake ,throttle body & MAF. TA Per. headers, Southeast Turbo 3" DP with a RJC racing 3' exhaust. (with cut out) A PTE 6262 turbo & PTE stock location intercooler. Turbo Tweak chip & injectors. A RJC Racing Power Plate. It also has a TR Custom Parts Big Mouth cold air kit with a 4"/9" K&N air filter. The trans is also stock with a shift kit & a PTC 10' converter. Stock rear with a posi unit. What kind of ET's am I looking at with this combo. How fast can I go with the stock MAF, throttle body & plenum? I know these are limiting me, but how much? This car is going to be on the street 98% of the time with 93 octane. When do I need Alky? Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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The TB and plenum aren't a limiting factor at all. The stock MAS will become a restriction in the mid to low 10's. You will be pushing that 6262 to find the limit. You will for sure not get there on 93 octane. With boost limited to 17 to 18, you will be in the high 11's. You will need alky or race gas for anything more.


Save up for a'll be toast within the year with all that power that combo should put out

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Alky control, Julio has outstanding customer service can't beat his kit

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I think limiting factor on this combo is heads. Stock maf and tb are good for 10s but it maybe hard with stock heads. I would think you would need high boost for close to that. I think even with high boost one may expect low 11s.


Wow...have you guys heard of "Rusty Silver Bullet"??? Search it.
10's on an unopened 100,000+ mile engine with almost no mods except a turbo and injector swap


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Here's a couple links with some good reading and some accomplishments of how far you take a stock throttle body, plenum, GM MAF and ecm. I pushed them about as far as anyone has dared to. I know the stock throttle body has been low 9's as well..

Here is the link to the "Rusty Silver Bullet" project car we did last season.. bone stock 100k mile unopened engine in the 10's in just a few months with board bought used parts and a kid driving.