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Got a problem and need help.the kids cat went into the garage and knocked down a small bucket of used motor oil.he got oil on his paws and walkedcall over the turbo regal.i didnt notice the prints till 2 weeks later.the regal cannot be moved from the garage( wont start)so i can wash else can i clean the oil spots.

1986 Buick GX1

GX1 #001 [The One and Only]
I would use mineral spirits, it's a mild degreaser that should do the trick.
I haven't tried this on motor oil, but I have used it to remove testors model paint from the exterior (darn psycho neighbor lady during mid day in the driveway).

I have used it to remove grease smudges (fingerprints) from the upper door panels with great success as well.

You will have to polish the spots afterwards. I really like the meguiars ultimate line of liquid compound, liquid polish and liquid wax for the final touch.

I suspect a quick polish and wax is all that's necessary.

Good luck.