First Virginia Area Thread


No can......can
Nice, would like to say thanks to Shane for hooking this up for us folks over here in the Virginia Area........

Whens the next gettogether?

T Rubble

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hey guys, I'm in the manassas area. I have seen a few GNs around but mine is in the garage until it gets a little warmer.The manassas burgerking would make for a nice meet during one of the shows in the spring...


One day I'll grab another toy to come play with you guys. My old GN is up for sale in southern Richmond, and running strong from what I hear.Around 20k miles total and putting close to 600HP to the wheels now (dyno tuned recently) I miss her! 70BB turbo, race ported GN1s, spool w/31spline axles, FAST ECU....needs headers and a stronger shortblock.

(from Richmond)


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this kinda sucks. i wouldnt call myself in the va area :-P I'm in the MD area... va sucks :tongue:
Mid Eastern sounds nice


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i just dont like how if you pee in public in va they will put you on the sex offenders list :eek:
whats wrong with peeing on a tree :confused:
Mysterious GN with gray flames in Portsmouth...

Hey fellas,

Anyone here know of someone that owns a GN with gray flames in Portsmouth? Every morning when I go to work I see this guy, but it's usually dark outside and can't tell. Today I went to work a little late and was very clear and noticed the gray flames and he also has a custumized hood... Anyone know this guy?:confused: