Ebay header find

Anthony P

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scrolled through the new posts in this old thread about SpeedDaddy headers... https://turbobuick.com/threads/speed-daddy-headers-for-hot-airs.388963/

And decided to mention what I saw on ebay...
Maybe someone could use these...not mine and I don't know the seller...but for 125 bucks and 22 to ship, it could be worth the investment even if some tweaking is needed. used but look fine...don't know brand and didn't ask... 2-piece up-pipe to turbine housing...flange at turbine housing is 4-bolt...mod as necessary to 3 bolt flange...


Anthony P

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the welds and pieces are different between the two sets, so curiosity got me looking...

I'm thinking @Bob Lob-Law just bought these hot air ebay headers

after looking at that Speed Daddy header thread, post #4 has a link to a header set for a 4-bolt turbine housing.
see it here...Speed Daddy headers - 4-bolt
So the used set on ebay now is a Speed Daddy set.

That Speed Daddy thread has a lot of pics and info on what mods were done, both necessary and elective mods. links to the original ebay listings show that 64 sets of 3-bolt headers were sold while 17 sets of 4-bolt headers were sold at the time...

might have to relocate the O2 sensor bung...give us an update when you get them fitted.